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Energy Entry #46


Energy Entry #46

Kofi Carmichael

_DSC6072 (2).jpg

My energy is mine! 

I have to open my eyes to receive the energy from the sun 

I have to find ways to pull some of the suns infinite energy when it’s hiding behind clouds so....

My energy is mine! 

As they pull me from side to side, I have to keep in mind.... 

My energy is mine! 

Friday Oct 9.jpg

And it’s important to me so temporary moments of bliss won’t fix it if you break my focus,

You can’t have it because I own that energy and it helps to build it with every achievement...

Every IG post, word or YouTube view has energy flowing through it 

And back to me to curate through my souls filter... 

My energy.... 

Is mine because God gave it to me 

And when your heart and mind speak at the same volume in your brain it can get noisy so... 

I need my energy....

Because it’s mine. 


And even a friend to me can be a deficit on my energy but ultimately it still belongs to me... 

Because it’s mine 

And there’s enough for everybody but just remember what you’re leaving behind 

Was the energy...

That was once mine