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The Blackout 3 Entry 43


The Blackout 3 Entry 43

Kofi Carmichael

It’s been awhile since I searched in my brain for the some of my blackout episodes. Technically blackouts are events that you are not suppose to remember. Hence the whole ‘Blacking-Out”. However there was always the lead up to the actual event. Those leads ups were always very...let’s say eventful.
I start with my birthday back in 2008. The crew and I went to a Monday night club called DNA to celebrate. We must have drank about 2 bottles of Hennessey within a one hour span. We also smoked something called a ‘Super Blunts’! These were blunt wraps that come out to about a foot and a half long. Something like that can hold about a quarter to 10 grams of the finest marijuana in the country. That, along with the other blunts and drinks flying at me, things got really cloudy. From this point is when the actual blackout happened. Any recounts of this story had to be told to me the next afternoon when I finally woke up. I was told that I was so drunk that my body leaned into a backward 90 degree angle. My buddy laughed at me comparing me to Neo in the movie Matrix, that famous scene when he was bending his body backward to dodge bullets. He explained that by the second time my body dipped into that weird drunken lean again, the security came running. They basically swept me up under my armpits and flew me out of the club in under 30 seconds! Needless to say it was an embarrassing moment on my list of ridiculous blackouts (See Blackout 1 & 2). Ten years later I found myself into another memorable (Non-memorable) blackout moment.

In 1998 I was in the beautiful sunny island of Barbados with my mother getting in touch with my Bajan roots. It was a great 2 week trip but my drunken madness turned it into a month trip where I ended up stuck in beautiful Barbados for 2 extra weeks. I was able to indulge in all of the indigenous liquors of the island. I drank Banks Beer like it was water as well as all the Cockspur, Mount Gay rum and Hennesey that I can get my hands on. On the night that was suppose to be my last night there I went to a club on the beach called the Boatyard. That night my bredren and I indulged in the $25 open bar to the fullest! Bars in Barbados use the free pour system, so we were able to choose exactly how much rum we wanted in our glasses compared to the orange juice. I must have had about 8-10 tall glasses of rum and tropical juice, mixed with 97% Rum 3% tropical juice. When it was time to leave I was wobbling so much that my friend had to hold me up like human crutches. He stood my drunk body up on a pole in a safe place away from traffic. At that point I had the overwhelming urge to pee and nothing can stop a extremely drunk man's urges. I swung around and peed on my safe pole and turned around and tried to walk away. However my equilibrium was slightly compromised. As I stepped away from the pole I remember the feeling like a tornado flying through my brain. Immediately I fell back a slid down the very pole I just finished peeing on.

Somehow I found myself back in the house and in bed. However when I woke up the flight had already left 4 hours ago. In turn it took me 2 weeks to finally get out of Barbados but this was supposed to be another lesson. I’ve blacked out numerous times after that because I didn’t learn from that time until I finally hit my ‘rock bottom’ 10 years later.

The lesson here at the end of the day, is be safe out there. If you know you have the perpetuity to drink to blackout level then make sure to always have an exit plan and/or always have a level-headed friend that can get you home.