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Clear My Thoughts


Clear My Thoughts

Kofi Carmichael

There's a part of me that feels like I'm drowning ,

Catching up with time 

Trying to figure myself out and my mission 

I look for the signs.


Stay working but always looking 

Sometimes I feel like I see it,

Then something makes me feel blind again. 

I sacrifice sleep and forget to eat,

And my tunnel visions often shut out the love.

I keep my head down working and seem to only come up to check for the hate.


I feel like my many hats hold all this weight 

I'm still waiting for that sign God 

Fuck it I need me a check 


I honestly feel that all this pressure is something you built me for 


Technically I should have burnt out already, 

Something is keeping me driving...

I'm sure it's bigger than me, my mom my alcoholic demons 

And even some of the things I say in this blog 

It's bigger than that.

My pain is small to the world but big to me 

But pain is pain regardless 

And I feel it 

I won't complain 

Just keep working 

Just keep working