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Love And Liquor


Love And Liquor

Kofi Carmichael

I was thinking about a few things with the Valentine Season that recently past. Can two people addicted to alcohol continue a long relationship in some form? Can me, a man who doesn’t drink at all date an alcoholic? I’ve tried to but it didn't work out. However, it might not have been the alcohol as much as me just knowing she wasn't "The One". I know plenty of pretty women that I can see their alcoholism and still would date them. Maybe even wife them depending on our chemistry.

In my past life, I was a merchant of "different" substances. Through that, I met many couples who 'used' together and most likely drank heavily or were alcoholics themselves. As with anything, too much of it can become an addiction. Couples would come together to buy their stuff, as if they had some kind of rule or ritual. Then there were times when they came separately, possibly due to a breakup. Most times though, it was because one was hiding their addiction from the other. They even go so far as to ask if their spouse came by before them. Trying to monitor their use. What's crazy is they both do drugs together, but it's a secret about whose intake is more. A lot of these couple have joint bank accounts, and a secret account and/or cash on hand for covert moves.

This is also applicable to alcohol abuse, when one in the relationship may be just a heavy drinker, but the other is a full blown alcoholic. This can create enabling.

This issue that I faced, is women tend to get intimidated by the fact that I'm a non drinker and that I'm also an alcoholic. They feel that they can't drink as much as they want around me and that tends to prevent them from being themselves. I hate that.

However, I usually question myself if I was dating an alcoholic woman or one who drank heavily, overtime would I be tempted to pick up the bottle and start my demise? Could constantly tasting liquor on her lips somehow activate my once cravings? I have yet to experience this to find out. But as an open minded individual I am willing to test those waters.