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Kofi Carmichael

So how many know about a good rum from Barbados? Or Jamaican overproof white rum. The Russians have vodka or maybe some Mexican tequila. Every country has their own drink of choice. This concept along with some very philosophical conversations made me wonder, is there such thing as indigenous alcoholism. Is it possible that alcoholism can be started based on your nationality and the customs of that background?

 Let’s examine. No matter our background everyone has a drunk uncle. Based on your nationality, what was your uncle's drink of choice? A lot of alcoholic’s first drink began in the household out of the tradition of our backgrounds. Back in the days in many Caribbean homes it was customary to put a little rum on the baby’s soother when they were teething. There were many a mother adding a little tad of brandy in their babies bottles so the cranky child can sleep easier. I’m sure some still do in this day.

In relationships, especially abusive ones. Many of them are escalated by the presence of alcohol.  Whether your husband (Or Wife) had too much Saki, Russian Vodka or some Greek Metaxa, these can all be products of alcohol’s wrath. Probably in the past, someone in that couple’s parents could have been drunk off of the same type of liquor. A lot of alcoholics say their drinking was a trained behavior that they witnessed in their homes as a child. So naturally as a grown up you may gravitate to the same traditional drink of your heritage. When you go to the liquor store in any country it is always filled with their national drink of choice. So chances are if you bump into a homeless person asking for money in Mexico, they won’t smell Jagermeister on their breath. However there is a strong chance that you may catch a strong whiff of Tequila.


Here in North America liquor stores have a wide variety of alcohol brands from many countries to help continue that alcoholic's tradition should he or she decided to visit or move to our glorious continent. As tradition is something that is passed on, if a Russian alcoholic man moves to Canada and has children, can that child grow up and possibly be a vodka drinker? If the man decides to marry a women from Trinidad, the child may still grow up to drink vodka if he witnessed his dad drinking it a lot while growing up. However what if the Trinidadian mother was the alcoholic, would the child grow up to drink Trinidadian Rum? What if both parents were alcoholics? Would the child grow up to be an alcoholic with a taste for both? There is also something to be said about genes. If a mother drank while she was pregnant, will the child grow up to drink the same thing?

At the end of the day I’m just an ex drunk who doesn’t have the answers to all of these questions. One thing I got from this examination, is maybe a few more roads to the root of why I became an alcoholic in the first place. Hopefully this can help you on your path too.