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Kofi Carmichael

This blog started in May 6,  2011 as a way to itemize my thoughts. It was created as a journal of sorts to track my reintegration back into society fresh off a year in prison as well as my first year of sobriety. I was inspired by the advice given in one of my 12 step meetings that we should keep a journal. Being a public figure of sorts through hip hop I decided to make those thoughts public and so was born The Sober Emcee.

At first I used to complain about the lack of Facebook and Twitter likes that I’d get, which was none. I figured it wasn't something that the hip hop community would be interested interested in. Knowing that alcoholism in hip hop was a norm and not labelled a problem, I knew that it may be  an uphill battle. Then something happened, I started receiving inbox messages from people who said the blog affected them. I started  running into people I know who said they knew about my blog and told me that it was helpful to their own situation. After some time I learned how to check the metrics of the blog and see who many people were actually reading. I started seeing readers from the US growing as well as Russia, India, Scotland, Malaysia,Germany and more. February 17, 2013 marked my 3rd year of sobriety when I wrote and published entry #22 Dirty Little Secrets. I was finally seeing the snowball effect. The numbers doubled and with each entry that followed the numbers grew exponentially. That growth also made me realize the growing responsibility of which I am so proud to have. The readers became more public and vocal also, they started leaving comments and sharing and liking the entries on their social medias.

I realize that I needed to keep my sobriety for more than just myself now. I tell a lot of crazy stories some of them funny, some of them dark but the goal essential is to purge. However if I EVER have another drink again I promise to end the blog immediately so that I will never mislead my readers. I believe that if we do fall off the wagon that we should try to get back on and continue the sober road, but The Sober Emcee blog would see it’s last entry.  

The disease of alcoholism is something that starts with the user and sobriety also starts with the user and our will to live and conquer our demons. So in the end of the day even if the reason I write this blog is for me as my journal. As long as someone can take something away from this quick read then The Sober Emcee is for you.