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Kofi Carmichael

It is always a good thing to stay secure. A lot of people do not prepare themselves before they go out for a night of drinking for the things that can happen when we are in party mode i.e. designated drivers, having good friends around etc. I have been a victim to this many times. I’ve gone out solo on many occasions and woke up in strange places with strange people, I’ve almost passed out in the club and I’ve driven drunk and caught 2 impaired charges in the space of 1 year. I wasn't doing it right and I had to learn the hard way over and over again. +

This is a message to all my people out there getting ready to get their party on during the weekends and some during the week. First of all I believe you should always travel with good friends that you can trust. To me this means the ones that will drink with you but will also let you know if you’re getting too drunk. They are the ones that will recommend that you drink a little water when they see you stumbling or slurring and if need be they will be the ones that are willing to leave if things start getting out of hand. For the ladies getting their pre-drink on and hitting the clubs the same rules apply. Make sure that you always have that one level headed friend with you that’s a good judge of character but not a hater though. This friend will be able to use her creep radar when you’re too drunk to realize you’re willing to go home with anybody. She will be that voice in your ear to tell you “Hey that dude is mad ugly.” and not just say it because she actually wants the guy. Always remember that if a guy is going to buy you a drink be at the bar with him when he buys it. Don’t just wait for him to bring it to you while you wait on the dance floor. He can drop a molly in your drink between the bar and getting back to you and in the words of rapy oops I mean rapper Rick Ross “You won’t even know.”

To all my thugged out brothers out there who love to get smashed while wearing a lot of expensive jewelry. You’re in the club enjoying yourself in the VIP popping bottles. You have all the ladies around and now you’re beyond buzzed; now you’re smashed. With all that going on you’ve attracted a lot attention some of that being the shady characters who look for wealthy victims in the club, the stick up kids. Eventually you’re going to have to piss out some of that liquor that you’ve been drinking all night and that’s when they are going to pounce. Always bring your craziest goon on those bathroom breaks with you or set a mental timer with your people. Tell them if you’re not back from the bathroom in 10 minutes to come looking for you. Also never roll solo if you’re planning to get drunk while shinning. That just makes you an easy target.

These are just a few tips to make sure you have a safe night. However the best ways to do so is to drink but not to the point that you have no control over what you’re doing. It’s the worst when you blackout and one of your friends have to tell you how your night was because it was all erased from your memory by drink 15. Pace yourself, have a meal before you go out, drink some water in between drinks and make sure to pre-plan your way home without driving. That way you will have good memories and be ready to party another day.