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Kofi Carmichael

The first blackout that I can remember was back in the mid 90’s. I was on my way to a house party with a few friends and we did a lot of pre drinking before we left. When we finally got to the house I was extremely drunk and wasn’t able to get out of the car. I told my friends to go ahead and that I would meet them inside. As they partied I was in a war with my stomach and spinning head in the back seat of the car. That went on for an hour until my stomach finally gave up and I threw up for what seemed like 15 minutes. After my stomach was emptied I blacked out for about 2 hours, when I woke up my friends were on their way back to car ready to leave after enjoying a great party.

The second blackout that I can remember was on a New Years Eve in the mid 90’s. My friends and I were at a hotel party dressed to kill. We were all enjoying ourselves and everything was going fine until midnight hit. We all rang in the New Year and right after midnight I had to hit the washroom. When I got in there my head was spinning I sat down on the toilet because I felt faint. When I tried to get up I fell back on the seat feeling woozy. I spun around and started throwing up violently. After my stomach was purged I sat back down on the toilet seat and my brain lights went out. When I woke up it was past 3am and the party was over. I missed the whole night and that how I started that New Years which was evidence of how I was going to spend years to come.

My third but far from final blackout came in 1996 at the Toronto Caribanna. This was before I actually lived in Toronto, so every time I came out here it was party time. My friends and I had all bought Mickey sized bottles of Tangeray mixing it with orange juice. We walked down the Lakeshore and were having a great time for hours. At the end of the track we all sat down to rest our feet. We were all pretty drunk from finishing our bottles of gin and we sat and smoked a huge blunt. Everyone was in good spirits especially me. I had about $200 extra in my pocket from selling weed while we were walking, so in the celebration mood I decided to push my drunkenness a little bit further. I had a 40oz bottle of malt liquor in my back pack. I pulled it out and drank it down in about 10 minutes. We decided to start making our way back, it was around 5pm. As we walked I started seeing my friends getting further and further ahead of me. I called out to them to slow down but for some reason I couldn’t project my voice. They were getting too far and my legs felt like they were made out of jelly. Finally I sat on a bench to recuperate. I was sweating like crazy and I can feel all the hot liquid creeping back up through my body. I leaned over the bench and started throwing up then everything went black. When I open my eyes again 2 hours had passed, I was very disoriented at first. I checked my pockets for all the money I made earlier, luckily I had every cent but my friends were nowhere to be found. I got up off the bench and started a slow jog back to the Lakeshore Caribanna entrance and then back to the hotel in a daze.

That was 3 of the 1st blackouts that I can remember, unfortunately there were more to come, stay tuned for Blackouts part 2.