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Kofi Carmichael

A blackout is a moment in inebriation where a person stops remembering and upon coming out of the blackout does not remember the moments in between. I have had a few and most of the time I have to try to piece together the pre-blackout moments to even realize that I had one. It’s not a good feeling waking up and not knowing what happened the night before or even where the heck you are when you wake up or with whom.

So my journey back down memory lane starts with when I used to live in the Bay and Bloor St area back in 2002. I was having a regular night of booze and broads with an old friend of mine along with 2 exotic dancers, at the time I was “Dealing” with one of them named Holly and the 4 of us started our night at club Paradise. The four of us where in the VIP section getting extremely drunk off of rum (I think) and everything was going well. The party continued back to my apartment where I had a 26oz bottle of more rum (Just to keep things consistent). My buddy and his “date” were fans of the nose candy and at the time I had a lot of that around. All I remembered from the time in the apartment was putting the bottle to my mouth and guzzling back a lot of rum then everything went black. When I came to I was in my bed with Holly feeling very confused. I woke up to go use the washroom; while I was peeing I could hear splashing in my tub. I pulled the shower curtain back and saw my buddy with the other girl sitting there in a bath full of bubbles made from my shampoo looking high as a mountain. The next day my whole coke stash was gone, at least I knew who to blame and a lesson was definitely learned that night.

My next episode from my amazing twisted world was in 2005 on my 30th birthday. At the time I was with my ex who lived in Kitchener. We didn’t live together but I gave her a key and on most weekends she would come over and clean up my apartment and we would try to spend some quality time together. On that faithful night before my birthday I was with a couple of my friends and they decided to take me to a strip bar to celebrate my birthday coming up at midnight. We had a pre-drink session with a huge bottle of Crown Royal because we knew that drinks in the strip club were overpriced. When we got there they loaded me up with shot after shot and I excused myself to go have a smoke in the smoking room. While I was having my smoke I met two dancers; a white burlesque style girl named Carey and a mixed girl whose name I can’t remember. We got to talking and since I was a dealer with a variety of party favors I convinced them to come back to my place. I told my buddies that the party was over and I had to go home and handle some “business” and I went home quickly and called Carey. An hour later Carey and the mixed girl came over. I gave them some coke to sniff and we smoked a few blunts and drank the rest of the Crown Royal before things got really X-rated. All I remember after that was us sitting on the couch and them telling me that they were going to head home. When I woke up I was in my bed with my soon to be ex girlfriend sitting on top of me with a kitchen knife. Everything after that went in flashes, I remember us tussling down my apartment hallway then things went black, then we were tussling at my front door when I saw blood splatter all over the door like a horror flick, then black again. I remember getting her out the door and her trying to rush back in, I pushed her down with the bottom of my foot and everything went black again. When I came too (again) I was on a stretcher outside my building with all the tenants on the side walk watching in shock and I blacked out again. I came to in the hospital to the feeling of the doctor putting staples in my legs because the cuts were too wide for stitches and at that point the blacking out was over. The doctor told me that he was going to have to put ten dissolvable stitches in my bottom lip and I refused, until he held a mirror up to my face and I could see my lip hanging off. At that point I was rushing him to sow me up. I went straight from the hospital to the police station and that’s where I spent most of my 30th birthday. I never found out what she seen to make her loose her mind like that but cheating and blackouts make for a bad combination.

Last but not least was my final blackout in December of 2009. I described this one in entry # 11 (Prison Saved My Life) in that I described the blackout I had after partying all night and waking up in my landlord’s office after the firemen saved me from a fire that started in my apartment. That drunken night and fire led to a three year nine month prison sentence of which I am now on parole for and since February 2010 I have never touched another drink. I don’t regret any of these blackouts because they were all learning experiences and it was a hell of a party on the way to the point where everything went black. I am thankful that I’m still alive to tell the story and hopefully my crazy experiences will encourage readers to drink responsibly and see the light instead of the darkness of the infamous blackout.