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The Divided EP Coming Soon
— AWOL Records Inc

DJ/PRODUCER/PODCAST HOST Maker of hot beats and Hip Hop (All Music) dictionary.


RAPPER/YOUTUBER/STREET LEGEND Writer of reality rap and real Hip Hop music. Also a Hip Hop (All Music) dictionary.



SHIFT will be turning point in the way we absorb our music and will be free for the music lovers!
Music and most entertainment will be SHIFTing into way of being consumed. With our growing demand for phone and now cloud storage,downloading isn’t the popular thing anymore and paying for music has been out of style since 2001. Don’t worry on The #Shift EP is here! A gritty/eclectic look through the eyes of Friday’s car window. Big Tweeze provides the sonic theme to more #NiteTimeDrivingMusic Classic Hip Hop mixed with new age lyrical Trap Music and R&B/Soul. Shift has guest appearances from Frankie Payne, Geneva with stellar performances. As well as our new generation’s talents T Gramz and Deanna Jade. Stream it First on my YouTube Channel Friday Ricky Dred and please Subscribe for a chance to win a $100 iTunes Gift Card. Available on Spotify, Apple Music and all Streaming platforms and/or DONATE whatever you want and DOWNLOAD a copy from Urbnet Records Bandcamp 90% of download sales proceeds go to Alzheimer Foundation Canada Let’s Shift into the future together!

Shift EP (FREE)