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And the situation serious/ on point foundation like a pyramid
The Divided is how I feel. I spent many years in the rap game as an artist, street team leader, manager & record company owner. From the lows of alcoholic rock bottoms & imprisonment, to a mother dealing with Alzheimer, I stay The Divided. As my passion for YouTubing grows and I create shows like ‘Food’ Lovers, the ‘What’d You Think’ relationship show, and the fast-growing ‘We Love Hip Hop Podcast’, I also continue to stick to my roots of writing albums and EPs like Born 2 Win(2012), #Home (2014), Nocturnal (2016), Shift (2016) and now, The Divided EP. I explain my division from love, the industry and the way the streets make that line thinner in my new release. I vocalize the struggles I face in my long running blog ‘The Sober Emcee’. There are a lot of fighting and clean alcoholics that face the same struggles as I do, as well as people looking for true-to-life, lyrical Hip Hop on a heavy sonic backdrop coined as ‘Nite Time Driving Music’. Everything I do is an attempt to bring us all closer and close the divide. So let me ask you ... are you part of ‘The Divided’?